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Fri Jan 30, 2015, 1:35 AM

Happy Valentine's Day
February 14th 2015

Heart by KmyGraphic

Multifaceted  Moments from the World of Art

Part One

He is mine! by megan7    Summer by megan7

 Hearing Love Song by SeventhFairy    ForestGirl by SeventhFairy

The Savage Garden by Cinnamoncandy   The Hunter by Cinnamoncandy

    .mastery of pain. by naikki   .off the shoulder of Orion. by naikki

Hot fish by SabakuNoShi   Christmas panda by SabakuNoShi

We4e-2 by Placi1   003 2m1a by Placi1

Dryad by J-u-d-a-s   Eternally Yours... by J-u-d-a-s

Man's Best Friend

Dalmatian by KristynJanelle    African Wild Dog by KristynJanelle

One of Life's Funny Moments

Funny Horns by InayatShah

Remembering Vincent Van Gogh 
Born: March 30, 1853
Died: July 29, 1890

Quote: For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

Multifaceted Moments from the World of Art
Part two

Stick by my side by Yewrezz   Infinite by Yewrezz

OvernightExpress by ThaoArts   Lewisville Lake Afternoon by ThaoArts

Hi ! by m-eralp   Kuusankoski by m-eralp

Enchantee by vanessa-lim   Quelque part au Jardin de Pamplemousse by vanessa-lim

Artisan's Workshop

The Covenant Pyrograph and Carving by snazzie-designz

Wooden Tarot Card -  Fool Pyrograph (Wood burning) by snazzie-designz

Horse Shoes by aldwarke


sl14-sea and beach1 by jennystokes

Remembering Salvador Dali
Born: May 11, 1904
Died: January 23, 1989
Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.

Moments to Remember

Morning frost** by KmyGraphic   Fir* by KmyGraphic

The Colour of Iceland by Michaelthien   Dreamy fields by Michaelthien   

Home #39 by SylveryFox  Home - XI by SylveryFox

Hummy-8 by melly4260


Wind in the Willows

Animism and Wind in the Willows (improved). by aldwarke

Welcome by KmyGraphic

Firelight Poetry for Winter Nights.

THE WAXING MOONA waxing moon does shine its light
Upon a meadow green
Tonight it be a witching night
The likes that none have seen.
O yes that waxing moon does shine
Upon the grass and trees
The mist, it has the taste of brine
What mysteries we've yet to see.
There is magic in the waxing moon
Unicorns they come to feed
Shouting laughter from the Loon
Here be no ill will, nor greed.
The waxing moon illuminates
As their be fairy folk upon the knoll
With a festive atmosphere creates
A warming heart to any soul.
A waxing moon does shine its light
Upon that meadow green
The day now takes away the night
And steals away those things unseen…

OverthinkingThe evolution
Of my brushstroke thoughts
Across the canvas of my mind:
   InfinityWe've grown together,
Like Carolina jasmine
Around a guidepost.

If Wishing WorkedIf wishing worked we'd be at sea,
Sailing away, just you and me,
We would sail to exotic lands,
Lay upon the golden sands.
If wishing worked we'd have tea,
As well as moments of ecstasy,
We'd laugh so hard our sides would ache,
Followed by deep prayers of thanks.
If wishing worked I would stay,
At your side both night and day,
I would stay deep in your heart,
Even when we're far apart.
If wishing worked we would be,
More than just a fantasy,
My dream of us that has long lurked,
Would come true if wishing worked.
    InconsiderationDecisions made or not made; placed upon a shelf,
No desire to consider anyone but yourself.
While others in a chamber of torture and despair,
Wait through your inaction, you do not seem to care.
Waiting gives time to ponder what this might mean,
Are you so self-centred that my struggle goes unseen?
Soon you may discover sincerest reciprocation,
Of your indifference and callous inconsideration.

My FlowerI am one
with specks
of dust
in the void
meant to fall
upon a field
left behind
ages ago
and when we land
they will compose me
as a live sculpture
the union of nothing
and All
at last
I will search
for my Flower
with silver petals
their number
which adorn
its black stalk
and my arms
will reach
for one of them
to keep it close
to my heart
alas, I fade
and my time
collapses into sand
but no trace
of fear
shivers my soul
for I shall return
ever to lay eyes
upon the shine
of its silver
and to take
one more petal
for another
    The FireArcane and abstruse
the structure of disorder
emerging into Words
yet sealing all lips
the everlasting Fire
resonating silently
enriches all Being
with change and unity
at last, we emerge
emanations of light
upon an ocean of mist
yet so very precious
to begin and to end
all a great illusion.

Mother HeartThis complicated tangle
are the strings of
my mother heart.
How do I unravel
the worry
and the fear
from the love,
sweet and pure
that I long
to give?
let tears fall.
Salt unexpressed
becomes poison.
Salt let go
A single drop
will release
the flood
that washes
you clean.

apprehension and inadequacyi almost cut my hair, saturday.
but for some reason,
i just didn't.
i almost told my dad
that artistic freedom
isn't the only thing
he left (with me).
but for some reason,
i decided against it.
i almost messaged you tonight,
but it's been a long time since i have.
so, i decided i shouldn't.
(may as well make it longer.)
i almost named you  
in this poem,
but i think maybe
that would be a bad idea.
   obscurity retrieved    alchemizing dawn
  in the rippling creases
 of crashing moons
     where harp cords
    vibrate catastrophe
   but never make a sound--
      knifing through oxygen
  rivet punctures dipping
    into the grail of sanguine snagging
  ancestry as futures hitch
    on a cliff left
 by dishonored limbs
 torn long ago--
mortality is gravity

Patchwork WingsI am patchworking
your gossamer wings
back to blood and glass,
while you scrape palms
to lungs that choke
against a splinter cage.
The world keeps breathing
without you, and you
shut your eyes tightly
because it makes you dizzy.
Dizzy is how your legs
trip down the asphalt;
dizzy is how your eyes
drown to sleep; dizzy
is how your chest
spirals misery
through your limbs. I am
patchworking your gossamer wings
back to blood and glass,
but silk always tears.
   HappinessI am seeding wildflowers
into your crevices,
weaving etching to dust,
fiction to fact.
You tread vines,
prevent possibility,
refuse to strangle your fears
in fern thickets. I am never certain
if you will crawl off the edge
today, or if you will simply
taunt the fields below with
razor-tipped tears. And so I
tangle your smiles into
yellow garlands, capturing
happiness to torture you
in a ring around your temples.

Pheromone Phenomenon
The scent of love was in the air that moonlit summer night.
We danced the dance of love until we saw the morning light.
We promised that we'd save our love until the wedding day.
How many times we fought temptation off it's hard to say.
The day was blessed, the guests all came, the music was sublime.
We said our vows before our God with words that fairly rhymed.
But when we danced our first before the eyes of one and all,
we realized then and there that it was time to heed the call.
We said goodbye to all our guests and headed for the door.
The band played on as most remained and tangoed on the floor.
The moment that we hit the car the game became engaged.
We barely made it to our room, our hormones on a rage.
To say the wait was worth it is an understatement, friend.
It seemed to us this blissful night would never, ever end.
The fiery storm of ecstasy kept thund'ring 'til the dawn.
To see the pleasure in her eyes confirmed her heart I'd won.
They say that love's just chemicals, perhap
   Remember meReality blurs when black holes collapse
                 remember me
Embryonic cells are destined for tears
                 remember me
Meteoric skies aflame with desire
                 remember me
Ethereal landscapes morph with surreal
                 remember me
Man made of dust keeps blowing in the wind
                 remember me
Birth of a new world as old fades away
                 remember me
Elation and pain as earth keeps spinning
                 remember me
Reaching for the stars yet failing to learn  

Companions of Time by tanaka8120

   SenseDarkness stalks with impassioned gaze
Coaxing sense, in sensuous haze
Undressing night, its shadow plays
Along shoreline curves, provoking waves
    .eyes of ocean, deep
shifting tides of storm mystique
upon sands that speak-
of molded dreams; distant reach
now falls upon what it seeks

ONCE I HAD A DREAM...Once I had a Dream...but she was hollowed
out by the mad delirium she met in me,
without a vent from these veil of shadows
my soul bequeathed my discarded Dream to
the dust that quietly gathers between the
bones of Eternity, but I found a spade
half-hidden among the wilted petals on my
pillow and as I dug in my half-awake state,
I made a place of hallowed remembrance
for my ailing Dream to rest awhile,
I felt she deserved to live in some stray
form or other, so I watered her with the
bedtime maroon of my tears and fed her
the marrow of a melody, sweetly sung
by a nightingale before a daytime nightmare
clipped her wings, I nurtured and cherished her
in the sweetest dessert of Darkness,
for she was a part of me that was too
precious to endure the lies of adulthood,
only in the liberated recall of my inner self
she lives, an iridescent whirlpool of our
own design, she keeps me never lonely
...but always and ever loved.
August 18, 2014
© Jewel MoonSilver Knight - All rights reserved
   A CURRENT OF ETERNITYOh how I yearn to clasp the Crescent Moon
by my fingertips, sleep against her cradling
curve as I dream of stretching myself from
Star to Star, catching their twinkles in the
myriad depths of my eyes to highlight the
landscape of my Dreams, while others only
see echoes of emptiness when they sleep and
dream-I know in my Dreams I am closest to
the Spiritworld-for we are one breath of
Timelessness, one silver current of Eternity
where there is no end and no beginning-
just the essence that turns molecule iotas
into golden ideas, and my dust that I've gathered
in a jar with the seedlings of my Dreams...
I will wait until a strong Wind blows past
the brightest Star before I remove the lid
and empty the jar into space-then will the Wind
pick up speed and turn these fluttering moments
into eons, oh how glorious it will be to give
their freedom, to watch them endure Eternity,
and as they smoothe the scars from my soul
and turn my tears into a kissable breeze...
I know that I am a current in E

  GifleBriser un rêve
délivrer trois coeurs
- mélodie d'hiver
   les dessous de la brumequand toute chose
devient toute noire
et que par dessous tout saigne le temps ;
quand jamais plus l'encre des plumes
ne peut abreuver
les amants de papier -
l'aile sur le vent
reprend son envol.
voilà, ma mie, nos pleurs d'hiver
l'attente des brumes
tel un pied de nez à la destinée.
et par dessous le vent
cascadent les départs.
- Sophie, 26 janvier 2015

*Journey Home*

Furious sand storm
Vision obliterated
Cyclonic space adventure
Dry distant planet awaits
Sirocco finds its way home.
   Dans l'oeil du dragonDans l'œil du dragon
J'ai vu mon reflet
J'y ai planté le fer
Et puis ce fut l'enfer.



Hotfooted retreat
Tumbleweed lover's whirlwind

*Hit and Run*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used"All rights reserved"
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