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Fri Jan 1, 2016, 5:18 AM


Mon Nov 9, 2015, 5:21 AM


Drink up. by jennystokes


Winter Light II by raysheaf  Almost Symmetrical Landscape by raysheaf

Fall forest 3 by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov  Farewell by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov


Untitled by Placi1

Untitled by Placi1



    Out of the bosom of the Air,
          Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,
    Over the woodlands brown and bare,
          Over the harvest-fields forsaken,
                Silent, and soft, and slow
                Descends the snow.

    Even as our cloudy fancies take
          Suddenly shape in some divine expression,
    Even as the troubled heart doth make
          In the white countenance confession,
                The troubled sky reveals
                The grief it feels.

    This is the poem of the air,
          Slowly in silent syllables recorded;
    This is the secret of despair,
          Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded,
                Now whispered and revealed
                To wood and field.


You may kiss the paw by Linzu  Destin, the cutest kitty (+CONTEST is ON) by Nojjesz

Perser Kittens by Yankeestyle94  Beautiful Bengal Cat 'Loki' (Speedpainting) by Jeanne-Lui
Winter Cat by GetsugaDante


Koala Bear by niveky


Batu Monkey - II by InayatShah  Dreaming of More by InayatShah





Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;  
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.

We slowly drove, he knew no haste,
And I had put away
My labor, and my leisure too,
For his civility.

We passed the school where children played,
Their lessons scarcely done;
We passed the fields of gazing grain,
We passed the setting sun.

We paused before a house that seemed
A swelling of the ground;
The roof was scarcely visible,
The cornice but a mound.

Since then 'tis centuries; but each
Feels shorter than the day
I first surmised the horses' heads
Were toward eternity.


Breath by dormiensvigila

Vampire 1, The Hunt by Pendragon-Arts

Bride of Frankenstein by J-u-d-a-s

The last ingredient by Aramisdream

Angel In Wonderland by Fotomonta

Zwoelfender by megan7


Handmade Wooden Holiday Card by snazzie-designz

Trinket Holder by snazzie-designz

Bear Carving and Pyrography (Wood Burning) by snazzie-designz


Patchwork Poetry Cover Reveal and Purchasing Info by hopeburnsblue   Points of ReferenceI'd never seen koi.
He spent a quarter on feed,
let me toss it in the pond
so I'd hear them splash,
then purchased an ornament
in the shop for me to hold.

The momentI stepped
into the moment
and felt
the winds
of eternity
in their
sacred breath...
   InbetweenThe in between times
when a sigh
and a breath
lead to a smile.
Laughter waits,
ready to catch
and lift my heart.
Laughter's tears
make all things shine.

sangyoshi 6high up in the trees
the still green leaves
consult their calendars
   cold moon risedecember full moon
rising from autumn's ashes
the clouds speak of rain

Purple~Specks of grace 
Intermingle with violet,
Painting an accurate picture
Of your alluring spirit.
   Truth Be ToldMy poems say
My lips
Are unable to.

The Kiss of HomeThere is much the world bestows,
And much the world denies,
But I'm content, and most content,
With southward-gazing eyes.
The crimson of the sunset sky,
Fresh cornbread's golden glow,
The sweetness of the summer breeze,
All of these I know.
My dreams are of the sprawling wood,
My heart can't bear to roam,
The memory of fields so dear,
The bitter kiss of home.
   Lonsberry FarmOn Lonsberry Farm the songbirds tweet,
And blueberries ripen, fat and sweet,
The woods grow tall and touch the sky,
And catfish in the kitchen fry.
On Lonsberry Farm the flowers fair,
Make sweet and heavy the country air,
The creek is swift and deep and cool,
A secret place, a hidden jewel.
Oh Lonsberry Farm, my heart’s delight,
With fields so green and sun so bright.
I dream of when I round the bend,
And find myself back home again.

Repeating Spring (DFC 2015)In forest deep where no bird sings
we watch him yawn, great barren tree.
A hole marks where his heart should be--
reminder of lost pretty things.
In morning breeze, his branches swing
a tired, broken eulogy
of all he'll never do or see
trapped in this endless dawning spring.
We, keepers here, keep change at bay
for change is enemy to day.
In forest deep where no man walks
we listen to his branches talk--
now and again, we hear him say
"I wish, I wish, this pain away."
   Riptide SkiesBeneath gilded skies, he visits me,
his throat thick with painted symphonies.
In the dark, he sighs, a soliloquy
of the us we aren't allowed to be.
This peace, I know, isn't what it seems:
I'm caught in the riptide of sweet dreams.

A Walk in The WoodsA wind in the woods passes brief,
like an unpredictable invisible thief,
tangible... so very sweet.
A wing, black perhaps dark-blue stirs the air,
the hood over my hair,
falls off... slithers free.
Soft, slow, fresh, low - the four breezes swing,
swirl and sing,
in this butterfly balance… I dance.
I loose thoughts with each step, things,
gradually almost all thoughts, almost all things,
portraits of people, mirrors of the many in me… eventually memories of me.
Between pale pebbles, shells, dark and white sands,
inconsistent are my feet and hands,
where the evergreen… bends.
The sun is a kite, high on the sky, diamond radiant,
melts the last dew residues, warms the distant,
long shadow of me… my ghost companion.
Dances still, regardless of my tiredness, unsustainable and golden,
at the edge stands the dolmen,
other path… begins and ends.
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
   Winter JewelsA million filaments
salt crystals on my skin
Summer sea ornaments
The Sun's gold returns
to the Moon's cradle
Still burns
Poets plumes come to drink
from the ambrosia fountain
Gods gift in blue ink
The velveteen dark sky is full of opals, again
it opens
Stars fall in their place, like rain
Autumn leaves with the last chirping wings
lukewarm nights and honey days
Soft southern winds
Every colour fades
when dawn awakes
Between mists and shades
Old paper petals unfold
Winter jewels inside me
All seems white and cold
except the amber you gave me
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.

A CURRENT OF ETERNITYOh how I yearn to clasp the Crescent Moon
by my fingertips, sleep against her cradling
curve as I dream of stretching myself from
Star to Star, catching their twinkles in the
myriad depths of my eyes to highlight the
landscape of my Dreams, while others only
see echoes of emptiness when they sleep and
dream-I know in my Dreams I am closest to
the Spiritworld-for we are one breath of
Timelessness, one silver current of Eternity
where there is no end and no beginning-
just the essence that turns molecule iotas
into golden ideas, and my dust that I've gathered
in a jar with the seedlings of my Dreams...
I will wait until a strong Wind blows past
the brightest Star before I remove the lid
and empty the jar into space-then will the Wind
pick up speed and turn these fluttering moments
into eons, oh how glorious it will be to give
their freedom, to watch them endure Eternity,
and as they smoothe the scars from my soul
and turn my tears into a kissable breeze...
I know that I am a current in E
   AN ENDLESS NIGHTThe Twilight pulls me under...down into an endless Night
where the Darkness breathes me and I learn to breathe her,
conquering my Fears-coloring my Tears-with a soliloquy
of evening blooming flora entwining me to another Sky,
in the Dark I used to see shapes twisting themselves into
cackling caricatures, these were the carrion creations
of my subconscioous slumbering in the cobwebbed corners
of myself, but as I grew to know her and allowed her to
saturate my inner world with her primordial Darkness...
I saw her as a friend, faithful even as my mortal coil
unraveled from me...I became nakedly aware for the first
time of my Death-it was just the renewal of my soul-
the Dark Goddess she was with me, she enveloped me
within her shinysleek raven wings, pulling me to her breast
for the recycling to begin again, every feather caressed
my essence into an epiphany that will echo into Eternity,
she taught me that there is no end...only the perfect
imperfection of my Beauty shining from every int

NeglectThe little things that go unseen,
Poison undetected,
Wanting what had before been
The warmth of kind passion
Now passed to another.
Would have imposed a ration
Had I known the limits of supply;
Each kiss leading
to the last bitter kiss good-bye.
Watching from a place forsaken
As favors once mine
Are by another joyously taken.
Unnoticed I look on the scene
Of tenderness once mine.
My very soul left unclean
At the words once said by me,
Devoted to devotee.
   Today's JoyMy tears of yesterday,
Nurtured the smiles of today.
Without the hearts agony,
The warmth of love would mean little.
Today, I rest in the shade of joy,
Rooted in past sorrow.

Candlelight vigil
Thoughts flow beyond confinement
Unbounded freedom
Intersession for the world
This simple prayer 'perfect peace'.
   *Raven and the Dancer*
Darkness, lantern dance

All dressed up, nowhere to go
Mesmerized in red
Female wiles, raven guards
Black beak stole my fragile heart.

Peter Panda Bear
One by one the other bears were chosen
but no one wanted him.
 So left all alone upon a shelf,
things for him looked grim.
What had all the other bears
that he seemed not to have?
Soft cuddly fur and bright coloured bows.
They made the children laugh...
but he was only black and white,
a knitted scarf around his neck.
No one seemed to notice him,
no one even checked.
Left all alone in the store
for almost one whole year.
Peter felt forgotten,
he shed one lonely tear.
It rolled right down his face
heading for the south
One very sad little droplet
it was almost at his mouth.
Peter plucked up courage,
saying "This is very wrong!"
and trying not to make a fuss,
caught the tear upon his tongue.
Just at that very moment
a child laughed and gave a squeal.
Holding Peter in the air
saying. "I want this one! Pleeease?"
So frozen in that moment
where he had caught the tear.
Peter had been chosen,
it filled his heart with cheer.
Tiny hands they held him,
caressed his heart of
   Hector the Hedgehog
Hector the hedgehog
would venture out at night,
scrounging round for tidbits
in the pale moonlight
and in abundance all along
the nightly nature trails,
he'd find beetles, juicy earth worms,
slugs and tasty snails.
His Mom said he was, "Growing,
growing up so fast
and he should fill his tummy well,
while the summer lasts
cos soon they´d see the winter,
arriving at the gate
and then they'd have to snuggle up
and together hibernate."
Hector never listened
to what his Mommy said.
Her words fell on deaf ears,
not once entering his head.
He didn't want to "Hibernate".
What was that, anyway?
His evenings, they were pleasant,
full of laughter, fun and play.
But as the nights grew longer,
the earth turned hard and cold.
It then became apparent,
the truth, his mom had told.
All the things he liked to eat
were becoming very rare
and sleeping with an empty stomach,
was really hard to bear.
He had very little time left,
to gain his winter weight
and so he had to take the risk
and ventu

raising cup over voiceand there's a lot of names
that i could mention but
i've already burnt my tongue
once today.
and those burns last so much longer
than sipping over-zealous coffee steam.
no, these burns last lifetimes
on top of memories
on top of antiquity and regret.
but hey, at least with a burnt tongue,
i won't be able to taste it.
at least
not until winter
when the heat dissipates
under frost,
and that burns a little differently.
and each time i forget
and every year
i layer these burns like plywood,
searing old scars
deeper into my skin
with every fresh coating,
not that you'd care,
'cause clearly
i don't need to tell you
i'd rather caffeinate myself
into caring less
than bite the bullet
and try again.
it's as if attempting to drive
in flint flurries and buffalo blizzards.
the way the snow rises to the top
like the elite, how i sink below
as if you've raised your foot 
over my grounded body.
this silence pushes me under
and coats me like verglas,
and i can only see you through that.
but i
   real romance dies as easily at it breathes (#20)kissed in shadow,
this is the end
of what was almost--
and never was.
the end of episodes,
drama, traumatized drifter
paired with an automatized
mumbling ambivalent
in search of all of the answers
in all of the wrong places,
spaces reached for in my haste;
this felt like a waste
but regret has no place
for the home of my affections.
kissed in shadow,
this is the end 
of what was almost--
and never was.
the beauty of real romance
is that sometimes,
it doesn't always need
unity to make a happy ending.

Haikus for the Seas
the final frontier
ageless and timeless treasures
buried beneath time
                              blue whale ascending
                              magnificent creatures thrive
                              dolphins by her side
                                                       seawater rising
                                                       arctic ic
The wonders of the world are at my feet,
creation's endless charity.
Golden sun above, it's warmth makes life sweet,
night stars help me gain clarity
... and yet I am alone.
Roses and daisies and buttercups too,
green grass and blue sky above me.
Mountains and valleys and geysers that spew,
sea as far as the eye can see
... and yet I am alone.
New moon above and Milky Way heaven,
lights that inspire poetry.
Bright shooting stars seen just past eleven,
cosmic dance of life surrounds me
... and yet I am alone.
I hold this truth to be above all truth,
that what we need most, is love.
The absence of love makes earthly joys moot,
what I would give... to fit hand in glove
... and never, ever, again be alone.

NeglectThe little things that go unseen,
Poison undetected,
Wanting what had before been
The warmth of kind passion
Now passed to another.
Would have imposed a ration
Had I known the limits of supply;
Each kiss leading
to the last bitter kiss good-bye.
Watching from a place forsaken
As favors once mine
Are by another joyously taken.
Unnoticed I look on the scene
Of tenderness once mine.
My very soul left unclean
At the words once said by me,
Devoted to devotee.
  RefusalI refuse to sink into your pit of negativity,
to wallow in your self-defeat,
to drown in your constant melancholy.
I refuse to lay here inert in despair,
to waste away day by day into nothing,
to descend into the darkness.
I refuse to let my soul die with yours.

At duskDiamonds drip through clotted dusk,
the violet-velvet sky
preening itself to charcoal.
  -Earth opens
and shuts
with the sun,
but your eyes
are always closed.

Bouquet by KmyGraphic


2473611862 874eba3c64 by Delice1941
Cryogenic heart
Tremor with each crystal beat
Cold, pristine snowfall
Thoughts turn to exquisite spring
Inner eye, melting moment.


Seasonal Love:Winter/Spring
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used"All rights reserved".
Poem Illustrated by image in Public Domain.
Guardian By Jennystokes-d9p9192 by Delice1941

Traveller in time
Jurassic confrontation
Avalon beware.

Midnight velvet cloak
Ear stud sparkle, diamond star
Moonlight pearl in hair
Ethereal sunrise, silken robe
Raiment dispersed, morning mist.

*Witching Hour Raiment*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used "All rights reserved"


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