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July - September

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 12:44 AM


Floral  Watercolours

Still life with a lilac by hitforsa  Poppies on a decline by hitforsa

Bunch of autumn flowers by OlgaSternik  Sunflower with bumblebee by OlgaSternik

Lilium regale by Shelter85  Yellow iris by Shelter85

Tall Poppy - Oil Painting by AstridBruning  Peace Roses - Oil PAINTING by AstridBruning

 About roses in January ... by kosharik69   Irises by kosharik69

Animal favourites

  Dzwoneczek (Little bell) by stokrotas  Sleepy kitty by stokrotas

Grey Wolf by KristynJanelle  Commission - Zach by KristynJanelle


*River Walk* 1 by Delice1941


William Ernest Henley

    Out of the night that covers me,
          Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
          For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
          I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
          My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
          Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
          Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
          How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
          I am the captain of my soul.

Invictus was Nelson Mandela's favourite poem.
The poem defined the man: Invictus,  Latin for “unconquered"

Cherry Blossom Memories

Untitled by Placi1  Untitled by Placi1 
 Untitled by Placi1  Untitled by Placi1


Ostern by J-u-d-a-s

  Hidden Beauty 2 by SeventhFairy

Lamia by megan7

Moon owl by SabakuNoShi

 Expectations by SweediesArt

Cover Art by dormiensvigila

Evil Kin by Ideasplayer  

Changing Face of Fashion

Country Club days. by jennystokes  Three women by jennystokes

Sing to me my love. by jennystokes  Cold and cloudy. by jennystokes

An Invitation to Tea

MOCHA and GINGER'S TEA PARTY by NocturneJewel  GINGER'S TEA AND COOKIES by NocturneJewel

TEA FOR DAISY by NocturneJewel

The Natural World

   Prothonotary Warbler Singing by Andres-Cadena  Painted Bunting Singing by Andres-Cadena

Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Andres-Cadena

frg by lisans  baharla gelen by lisans

Une amie by La-Tete-Ailleurs

Coming  from the forest by JocelyneR  Very Young Mother by JocelyneR

Sunset on the Thames

Thames At Sunset - III by InayatShah

Thames At Sunset - II by InayatShah

Three Famous Faces

Hercule Poirot by bazaroff

Willie Nelson Revisited by ronmonroe

                       Clint in Art Pen by ronmonroe

The Artisan's Workshop

Both-Sides by snazzie-designz

Hand made frame and fan and pyrograph by snazzie-designz  

Winnie the Pooh Pyrograph by snazzie-designz

Miniature Basket of Kitten sculptures by Pajutee

Miniature White Cat sculpture by Pajutee

Wonderful by KmyGraphic
Poetic Aspirations

SUMMER HAIKURapturous beauty
In colors of red and blue
With hints of yellow...
Summer has arrived
Large crowds come to the beach
For fun in the sun...
Smells of fresh mowed grass
BBQ in the back yard
And Margaritas to drink...
    SWEET INNOCENCESweet beauty we do praise your name
radiant as shines the day
it is innocence we lay the blame
of why your mind was swept away.
T'was Hamlet that you gave your heart
marriage, yes you did aspire
his words were spoken with such art
that it set your very soul to fire.
His father's death had sent him mad
and his heart became a mystery
his sickness made you very sad
your covenant now cannot be.
Polonius slain by Hamlet's sword
now fatherless you went insane
tears that ran, O how they poured
your cross to bear this wrenching pain.
In a quiet brook you chose to lay
whilst music danced upon thy breath
and there I know your spirit stays
for while in song, you met with death.
Forsaken love does beauty die
lest we forget her name
sweet Ophelia's soul it cries
in innocence we lay the blame...
David Rogers

ancient stone arch bridge
a landmark long forgotten
path faded away
the very stream is dried up
civilization withdrawn
   silver orange
sunny sweet
front yard flowers
a dozen
nature's heat
raising desire's
my heart joins
in the dance of

LOSTLost myself
on the way to you.
Wasn't your fault.
I was too eager
to please.
Cancelled myself out.
Consequences remain.
   Ever AfterPromises
spoken and heard
don't make
them quickly
or break them
too soon.
Give them time,
before and during
so ever
has a chance...


018. LovePaper planes
swirling down
onto my desk
from across the room.
Wistfully, blissfully,
glancing over
to a smiling face
that blooms like flowers.
You can call it chemistry,
but I'd like to call it love.
    074. MidnightNavy blue
blanketing over the sky
with little golden specks
peeping through.
Silence fills the air
and darkness fills my soul.
A kind darkness,
a gentle darkness it is,
an impenetrable serenity
to keep watch on the world
as it is

Lightning GlassYou were stricken,
But in spite of your scars,
You are more beautiful,
More resilient,
More whole
Than ever before.
   InfinityWe've grown together,
Like Carolina jasmine
Around a guidepost.

Pure BlissYou make me happy when I’m feeling down…
Elicit a smile to erase my frown.
You lift me high up off the ground…
Manage to turn my entire world around.
You make everything good that was bad…
Transform into joy all that was sad.
It’s a magical thing you do…
Everything old becomes brand new.
I don’t know how you accomplish this…
But, you make living this life pure bliss.
© Mary Elizabeth Balderrama
    DeterminationIt's storming down on me...
And I can hardly see,
This road that I am on...
Visibility is gone.
I move forward cautiously,
To get where I want to be...
Since this darkness I am in,
Doesn't want me to ever win.
But, I defy this stormy night...
With determination to fight.
© Mary Elizabeth Balderrama

mother-kuLuisante sous la pluie
battements de marbre et de
roses - bonne fête.
Frantz - fête des mères 2015.
   Six-mille lunes (pour Anne de Bretagne)
Six-mille lunes closes
Les dais noirs sans les roses
Le chant creux du déni
Au fond de Saint-Denis.
Sous la picteuse voûte
Voici Bretaigne, escoute ;
Blême est ton serviteur
Dolant au fond du cueur.
Quittant sa cothe d’armes
Sous les cris et les larmes
Il brise son bâton
En invoquant ton nom.
Ils ont ouvert la pierre
Et mis ton corps en terre
Comme on porte un fardeau
Bretaigne parle haut :
« La très créstienne royne et duchesse, nostre souveraine dame et maistresse, est morte ;
 La royne est morte ;
La royne est morte. »

Frantz, 16 février 2014 // Bretaigne, 16 février 1514

DA Tetractys aBBC Shipping Forecast Announcer's Double Tetractys
Winds Beaufort Scale ten backing cyclonic
Patches of fog
Heavy rain
German Bight
South East Iceland
Don't look at me like that it's not my fault!
  The Green Bough by aldwarke
hopes and fears (#22)i put on hopes
and fears while writing this
and it's fitting
because you encourage my dreams
and make my anxieties 
feel a little less heavy.
and when i get tired,
i know exactly where to go:
where my hope begins
and my fears cease.
at least for the moments
when we're together.
   without bounds (nanogliimo)violin waist
let my fingers
curl around the strings;
voice vibrate
into perfect fifths.
renaissance into
the myth, into mists
of forever.
an orchestra
with an infinite climax;
love, like music,
it never stops.

Hot and Spicy Painted my face and curled my hair,
Still you did not seem to care,
Wore the heels and clinging dress,
Showing just a hint of chest.
Perhaps if I wore a different scent,
I would not write this sad lament.
Your passions raised but not by me,
But by hot wings, oh so saucy.
You ravished each wing to the bone,
While taking their picture on your phone,
So much for efforts to make you cling,
To something spicier than a chicken wing.
Across the bar he raised a toast,
Darling how I hate to boast,
But I look hot and quite sexy,
Something more than just pretty.
Across the bar he wastes his time,
Despite neglect you are all mine,
And I am yours in dress or jeans,
Despite these all too frequent scenes.
I sigh and ask you for a bite,
Holy cow, you are so right,
I see why you are so impressed,
Those wings make me forget the rest.
It was not me who whet your appetite,
But we'll both suffer heartburn this night.
   RunningStruggle against the magnetism,
Running with all my might.
Pause and listen to the silence,
For any sound I strain.
No fear that something follows,
But of being forsaken.
The hesitation speaks my longing,
Still in vain I listen.
No beckoning for my return,
So I fall to rest.
My desire to run diminished,
Hope is soundly dead.
Only the force of dirty gravity,
Pulling to the ground.
Until decay transforms the flesh,
A soul has been set free.

-Earth opens
and shuts
with the sun,
but your eyes
are always closed.
   EscapeSundown, the color
of blood and filth,
offers no disappointment.
haunts the corners
of your pupils;
tatter the centers
of your eardrums;
gutter savagely
under your skin.
Sunrise, the color
of blood and dreams,
offers no respite.

Caress Me with Your WordsCaress me with your words,
let pigments of blue and yellow
come together, to create a night of awe.
Because now, I am yours,
held captive by the thespian play of tender lips,
to revive voices – ancient, old and new.
(The banishers of time, yet to come.)
And when all is dismayed,
I will lay in your love,
like the ink in your hands.
Oh you!
Whose chains hold firm, yet provide no pain,
capture me again, for I am weak,
for I crumble beneath your poetic shout!
~ Nino Kadić
   Barren Lands of AncestorsTo value stone more than flesh,
'tis the demand of ancestral love,
but Flame granted us no thought,
and all was given to destiny above.
Still spirit springs, strong it stays,
as we embark on lengthy quests,
to find waters, we never sensed,
flowing from Her hidden breasts.
We will know the sight, of a luscious glen,
as our lips promise, for seeds to walk again.
~ Nino K.


Aphrodite-29180 640 by Delice1941

Detailed perfection
Sea foam created beauty
Aphrodite's lure
Ageless, eternal temptress
Birthed by oceanic surge.


*Lure of Beauty*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used."All rights reserved".
Clip art used to illustrate poem.
Stone Ivy by Delice1941

Inhospitable stone wall
Ivy grows rampant
Green leaves sweep in polished style
Nature knows no boundaries.



*Stone Ivy*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used"All rights reserved".
176 deviations
Victorian transfer for embrodiery. by Delice1941

Grandmother's linen
Brief look into bygone day
Antique memories
Soft monogrammed sheets with lace
Carefully laundered.

All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used"All rights reserved".

Free embroidery transfer used to illustrate poem
Old Girl  By Jennystokes-d909lr3 by Delice1941

Time has momentum
Swept by unforgiving force
Brittle and fragile
Stoic heart walking with cane
Refuse to conform, wear pink.
*Pink Lady*
Collaboration: Artwork by :iconjennystokes:
                      Tanka written by :icondelice1941:



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