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Wed Apr 1, 2015, 1:12 AM

Hope Springs Eternal

Spes Aeternum Oritur - Hope Springs Eternal by snazzie-designz

World of Art
Part One

   Sailing by Delice1941

The Lost Ship VII by raysheaf   The Lost Drakkar by raysheaf

Seadogs by haryarti    Sea Battle by haryarti

The blue sea with the ship on a background by hitforsa   Heavy sea by hitforsa

Remembering William Wordsworth
Born: April 7, 1770
Died: April 23, 1850

Quote: I listened, motionless and still; And, as I mounted up the hill, The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more.
Extract from 'The Solitary Reaper'

World of Art
Part Two

Balade d'ete by vanessa-lim   Pivoine by vanessa-lim

Autumn - Oil by Oksana007   Peaceful Sunset by Oksana007

Peaches, grapes and cherries by bazaroff   Still life with empty wineglass by bazaroff

Soulis: Tulips From New York IV by soulis0   Soulis: Tulips From New York II by soulis0

Kolczasta Uroda by stokrotas   Fuksjowe Marzenie by stokrotas

Demise of beauty. Rampant Contamination. Sorrow.
One flower grows. by jennystokes

World of Art
Part Three

My little thief by J-u-d-a-s

Iaotia Forest (Peripeteia) by stephengarrett1019  The Bridge by stephengarrett1019 

Magic seal by SabakuNoShi


Narcissus by Nellena   A Distant Glimmer by Nellena


Remembering Luther Burbank
 American Environmentalist
Born: March 7, 1849
Died: April 11, 1926

Quote: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

019 3f by Placi1

Feline Beauty

Ragdoll Cat by KristynJanelle    Commission - Karma the Cat by KristynJanelle


Les rayons et les ombres by La-Tete-Ailleurs

Easter Fun

 BUNNY CRESCENT 3 by NocturneJewel  BUNNY MOCHA by NocturneJewel

 Floating Market

Canal People -1  by InayatShah   Thinking About Other Things by InayatShah

Canal People - II by InayatShah

The Artisan's Workshop

The Lady of Shalott Woodburning Collaboration by snazzie-designz

  Samurai Please Use The Folders by snazzie-designz   

You Give Me Butterflies *SOLD* by RachaelsWireGarden   Large Whomping Willow *COMMISSION* by RachaelsWireGarden

Miniature 1:12 scale Landseer dog by Pajutee   Miniature scale Borzoi sculpture... by Pajutee

Welcome by KmyGraphic

 Poetry for Dreamers

Ode to Spock
original theme intro and video here:
From a distant star you traveled,
far across the Milky Way.
Humanity felt imperiled,
but peace was the Vulcan way.
We never could understand you,
that face without expression.
Thus you suffered so many fools,
and taught us all a lesson.
The differences that separate,
move some to hate and revile.
But the bond made came not too late
we loved you, if for a while.
Now we thank you for your wisdom,
we'll never forget your name.
Eclectic will be the kingdom,
may the flame always remain.
    Haikus for the Seas
the final frontier
ageless and timeless treasures
buried beneath time
                              blue whale ascending
                              magnificent creatures thrive
                              dolphins by her side
                                                       seawater rising
                                                       arctic ic

the lees of winterstraight into summer
spring only a wishful dream
winter gone again
   sail away (senryu)
set your sleepy sails
far across the sea of stars
lies the land of dreams

Find Me (Extended)         Find me
         Between the cracks 
         Of my
         Gaze at the words
         Carved on the paper.
         Intricately written,
         To explain the content
         Of my poet's heart.
         Carefully absorb 
         The fine black ink
         Printed in cursive
         Below the lines of 
         Selected literature.
         Examine the lines
         I so lovingly laced
         For you to read
         And thoughtfully consider.
         I pray that you
    Hazel~ You, with your hazel eyes
 And growing frown:
 I can't take
 Seeing you drown.

Light PlayWhen I go looking
for your love lit eyes
(so long have
they been closed)
I find my way
to sun reflecting
and I watch light play
where we once played
as children.
    TimeIn our perception
time never treads
on steady feet.
It runs, it flies,
it trips, it drags.
On rare days
time stops.
Or so it seems...
and for a moment
we encounter
the infinite

LongingMissing you
Is forsaking
The cooler side of the pillow
For the side that remembers
The impression of your cheek
And the soft smell of your hair.
It's reveling
In the butterfly thrill
Of your gentle embrace,
But aching to close
The Rubin-vase distance
That separates us.
It's the difference between
The sound of your silver Corolla
As you pull to a stop
In my cul-de-sac
And the way it sounds
When you leave.
It's weaving "I love you"
Into every word,
Every touch,
Every song,
Short of actually saying it.
But the thing is,
I don't know
How much longer I can go
Without saying it.
    PurplePurple ...
Looks like
The healing amethyst
Michelle brought from Guatemala.
Sounds like
The trill of a violin--
Magenta, to be exact.
Smells like
Nanna's petunias
After sundown.
Tastes like
Jasmine tea, though I'm told
That jasmine is white.
Feels like
The down fur
Of gray cats I've loved.
Purple haze, all in my brain ...

My Chosen SymphonyGive me the pearls of the rain
music of the Heavens
Drums from on high
give me the song of the wind
Staccato of the fates
Flutes from history
Share with me, the cellos of storms
Refrain of the Gods
Strings from all that is
Let this, then
be my chosen symphony
First movement
Life - lush and whispering
Haunting the spaces between breaths
Second movement
Heart - wishful and lingering
Longing to remain vital and young
Third movement
Mind - universal expansion and delight
Forging worlds for other thoughts to inhabit
From within
So to outside
Let me conduct this
My chosen symphony
Where dreams wake from rest
Where curtains forever recede
    Oceans Above and BelowEarth is plankton
in a vaster sea
Nebulae are anemone
Swirling about their tide pools
Indeed we who love the sea
obtained the best of both earth and sky
at birth
Our island amidst the tempest
Our notions against the tides
gravity and singularity
Quasar and infinite skies
Red dwarves and smiling rings
The asteroids are coral reefs
Put down blankets for your pleasure
Pick a shore
There will always be more

WINTER'S GIFTThis year the snow has fallen like magic,
mesmerizing me into a wakeful Dream,
Time is but a rhyme of filigree serenity
as Winter's frostbitten virtues draws me
outside to walk with her, under the petticoat
lamplight I see a fallen flurry of snowflakes
glitter and glow, my steps crunch the Silence
into Echoes, defrosting Winter's subtleties
into my reflection-until I am left wondering
how did the fairies fit an entire village
into a solitary snowflake? How did they
arrange the frost into a colour I can taste?
I have lost count of the eclipses that have
found a home in the renewable reservoir of my eyes...
I thought I was lost in a moonless forest
chasing the ambrosia that drips from my
diaphanous dreams, I was yearning for a scarlet
skirmish of Purity to anoint my soul before
I eavesdropped on Winter too long and my
Frozen Flame became just a frozen blur,
I always believed myself to be a fragment
of the Magic that exists unseen, I had walked
this ashen stretch of growth and change...
       DEAR PERSEPHONEDear Persephone, goddess with eyes veiled
from the daylight world so you may see
a host of shadows, a host of ferried
shades who call your Twilight land home,
if by some chance you see through the
opulent layers of Darkness a sudden gleam
of a peach-cream ghost quietly slip by,
a little gecko ghost with a warm peach aura
that reminds you of fragrant sunlit days,
the comfort and care you once knew
in Demeter's garden in the world above,
of poetry astir in youthful hearts,
a cashmere caress of love newly spun...
dear Persephone, goddess of the beloved dead,
please give my Peaches a kiss on the nose
now that I cannot, stroke her satiny skin
that is softer than the softest petal,
whisper to her words of endearment,
tell her my love is infinite...
bless this innocent soul who knows
Life is a series of moments made of
gentle cares and loving hearts.
November 21, 2014
© Jewel MoonSilver Knight - All Rights Reserved.

In VainAre you reading my words somewhere...
And remembering...or do you care?
It's been so long...long years, I know...
Thousands of tortured tears ago;
Tears I wept until I could weep no more,
Praying you'd walk back through my door...
Hoping in vain, adamantly;
Holding your memory, intently.
But, you never even glanced back once.
I was a damned fool and a dunce...
Yearning for you, against all advice;
Waiting for you, who didn't think twice.
                   © Mary Elizabeth Balderrama
    IrreplaceableWithout you, what would I do?
You always make my morning bright,
And each day, pleasant to pass...
Sweetening my dreams at night.
When I'm feeling sad and gloomy...
Ready to abandon any hope,
You cheerily say the right words to me...
Uplift and encourage my heart to cope.
Your love is rare and irreplaceable.
If I lost you, darkness would destroy me...
Shattered to shards, I may as well be...
Tossed on a trash heap as debris.
© Mary Elizabeth Balderrama

Shanty Towns
Ghost-like waifs in ragged shrouds haunt refuse tips
Haggard mothers dry suckle big bellied babes
Beggars, beseeching, stare from sightless sockets
Our brothers and sisters in another land.
Who live in shacks of tin in shanty towns.
Don't tell me about your bloody headache!
Spectre with a Hood
   Spectre with a Hood
   Most days I see him, the spectre with a hood.
   Head and rounded shoulders bent forward he walks,
   No, trudges the country road I always use
   On my frequent forays into the town.
   Clad in faded camouflage gear he carries
   In one hand a plastic supermarket bag
   While his shoulders tote a flaccid rucksack.
   He is looking neither forward nor sideways,
   But always downwards, he is oblivious
   To the white cow parsley in the verges,
   To the late blackthorn and the may blossom
   Emerging from which a startled blackbird,
   Cackling her alarm call, darts across his face.
   Such strange behaviour, I say to my friends
   Who reply ‘He’s off for his free methadone’,
   Dismissive as if this answer explains all.

DUELI rise from bed and stretch and yawn,
Not yet dawn, I take my time to dress.
A million things run through my head,
As my wife prepares my breakfast.
I would be lying to you,
If I said I wasn't nervous.
My cause; however, is resolute,
And it only strengthens my resolve.
I rise from the table, prepared to go,
My wife hands me my coat and hat.
I kiss her cheek and walk out the door,
The cool winter air burns my lungs.
The gas lamps flicker and light my way,
And on time, I reach my destination.
The first rays of light rise from the east,
Across the field, from me, stands my foe.
‘Are you ready sir?’ he shouts at me,
‘Quite ready!’ I shout in reply.
Back to back, now, our pistols loaded,
He mutters ’Ten paces agreed?’
My heart now pounding, I reply ‘Agreed.’
We counted ten paces and turned,
A searing pain then spread through my chest.
My foe looked down on me as I lay dying,
‘Any last words?’ he asked gently.
My lungs filled with b
    Winter HaikuSnow dappled mountains
Majestic in their glory
Winter's Sentinels...
A winter flower
She rises above all odds
Behold how she blooms...
Snow falls to the ground
Collecting each unique flake
turning the ground white...
David Rogers

Avatari'm the remnant; my still image of desertion
my searing truth
                 flowing from WINDows, obscured
in muted streams
                that trickle with sea salt, at dusk
in search of my discarded shell, in sands
                       long forgotten
    Hehe conjures
my dormant haunt
in eloquent winds
i breat(he)
          an air
of extant charm, raptured
                          i seethe

eye on top of pointemphatic capacity without volume, is preferable.    monotony fissuresdon't let routine mask your (e)motions.

   RustYour throat
to a
     ComfortMelancholy sighs your frame.
Melancholy whispers your hair withered.
Melancholy polishes your cheeks pale,
melancholy divides your tear ducts empty.
Melancholy strokes,
melancholy seduces,
melancholy solidifies,
melancholy aches,
aches your bones with a soothing lullaby.

AlbatrossThe lone white shape soars
Through the drifting clouds around
Below a lone ship sails
      Love Haiku (2015)Love Haiku (2015)
For Puabi
Sweet tears upon soft cheeks
Reflecting the shine in her eyes
Two moons upon the water

Gripped by glorious insight
All is possible.


Free Image of Aloe Vera by Delice1941
Green Aloe Vera
Healed by nature's miracle
Terracotta pot.

*Aloe Vera*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used "All rights reserved".
Cormorant and I
Share tempestuous moment
Wide eyed ocean watch
Safely removed from spindrift
Waves, spume and spray batter shore.

All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used"all rights reserved"
Languid summer day
Cloud afloat on garden pond
Heron quietly waits.

Ripples replace cloud
Water drips from Heron beak
Koi swim unaware.

5th May2015
*The Heron*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used "All rights reserved"
*Colourful Moments* 3 by Delice1941
*Colourful Moments* 3
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. This work is protected and may not be used"All rights reserved"
Mount Usher Gardens May2015


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:iconthankyou1::iconthankyou2: for all the favourites. Not forgetting the gift of llamas they are most welcome:iconpoppy2plz:


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