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Fri Nov 28, 2014, 8:35 AM
Special Christmas and New Year Edition
Season's Greetings.

004 2 by Placi1

The Artist's Studio
Part One

Lost River's Bridge by Dusty-Feather   Shelter at Cranny Crow by Dusty-Feather

Yosemite NP by Dusty-Feather   The Alps in Clouds by Dusty-Feather

The Artists Studio
Part Two

the owltastic four by kiriOkami  the famous Starsingers by kiriOkami 

Moon Love by kiriOkami   Parrots of the Caribbean by kiriOkami

The Artists Studio
Part Three

Waterfall II by raysheaf   Autumn Wispers by raysheaf

Colors of Autumn by raysheaf   Autumn Motif by raysheaf

WinterMagic by KmyGraphic

Remembering Pablo Picasso
Born: October 25, 1881
Died: April 8, 1973

Quote: My mother said to me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

Farewell Autumn

456e5 by Placi1  057 2 by Placi1

028 by Placi1   Gfhs34m by Placi1

Re65r-1 by Placi1

Peaceful and Serene

Meadow at Sunset by JocelyneR   The Little Shed on the Prairie by JocelyneR

Country Scenery, Late Afternoon by JocelyneR   At the End Of the Day... by JocelyneR

Bird Flight

Egret In Flight by InayatShah   Lapwing Over The Field by InayatShah

Mid Air Poise And Grace by InayatShah  Mirrored Catch by InayatShah

Shooting the Rapids

Ocoee River Run by melly4260  River Run by melly4260

Row! by melly4260

Splash by melly4260


Bridge over pure water by SylveryFox

WinterMagic by KmyGraphic

Remembering Claude Monet
Born: November 14, 1840
Died: December 5, 1926

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.

Remember meadow
Wild flowers created paradise

Try to remember... by La-Tete-Ailleurs

Pets at Play

SANTA'S LITTLE FRIENDS... by NocturneJewel


LILITH and PUMPKIN by NocturneJewel

Introducing Betty

Smell the flowers by KmyGraphic  Hmm by KmyGraphic

WinterMagic by KmyGraphic

Artisans Workshop

Utagawa Toyoguni Ukiyo-e Notebook Pyrograph by snazzie-designz  Koi Fishbowl Pyrograph (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz 

Shotgun Stock Pyrograph (Woodbruning) - Ducks by snazzie-designz  Shotgun Pyrograph (Woodburning) - Pheasants by snazzie-designz 

Green votive candleholder by bellekaX   Tree of life by bellekaX

She by bellekaX   Blue Roses 1 by bellekaX

Magical Images

Luise by megan7   Make a wish by megan7

                       Queen Of Trees by LewiARTs  Twilight by LewiARTs
Jack by J-u-d-a-s  Nefertiti Eternal by J-u-d-a-s
                    Where do we go to? by jennystokes  Dying sun. by jennystokes
    Mirrored by SweediesArt  The Library by SweediesArt
                    Scadoo and Annym by LeenaHill  Divine Beauty by LeenaHill

Ania 8 by SabakuNoShi  Ania by SabakuNoShi

BONDING by DragonsChest   DUST STORM by DragonsChest

WinterMagic by KmyGraphic

A Futility by tanaka8120   The Meaning of Life by tanaka8120

The Joshua Tree (solitary man)
A man for the people, a man for the times,
a man for all reasons and rhymes.
Made the top of his class, outshone all the rest,
somehow it made up for old crimes.
But the past catches up, ensnares whom it wants,
makes haughty men subject to taunts.
Skeletons from of old, inevitably,
come out and require response.
Former friends fade away, the rich and the small,
as the mighty man takes the fall.
But the wife and the kids, loyal to the end,
do their best to endure, stand tall.
'Tis lonely at the top, the old saying goes,
'specially when an ill wind blows.
Like a Joshua tree, in a barren land,
the fallen man reaps what he sows.
  Three Blind Mice
three blind mice
three blind mice
see how they run
see how they run
they all ran after the farmer's wife
she cut off their tails with a carving knife
did you ever see such a sight in your life
as three blind mice
three blind mice

Dumpty here.  As in Sam Dumpty.  Another tale to be told, another mystery to be solved.  And I'm just the guy to do it!  After carefully considering all of the relevant facts, taking into account, of course, any mitigating circumstances, then factoring in miscellaneous possibilities, I have put together the pieces of this unusual and extraordinary puzzle and have come up with a working theory as to what actually occurred and why (deep breath).
I started my premise with a multiple query.  Three things I considered: (a) How did the mice become blind? (b) Why did they turn on the farmer's wife and (c) Were the aforementioned facts somehow related?
I interrogated the farmer's wife first under the hottest light I could find and with

Rock Bottom They say when you hit rock bottom there is nowhere to go 
but up.  Not true, one can wander for eternity 
at the foot of the cliff: upon the flat plains 
no farther down: no footholds up.  Trudging along each dusty step 
as the sounds of laughter roll from above.  Taunting laughter 
a reminder of where one will never be. The only hope 
is that someone will break from their revelry and 
look down to see the despairing one far below.  Even then, 
will they lower a rope 
or turn away 
seeing only a puff of dry dust 
far below? Suppose they see the miserable one, 
would they taint their gaiety with 
 the filth the one has become? The one at the foot
can wander for eternity
never finding
a way up from
rock bottom.
  Without FormA poet without words
Stuttering upon an empty page
Stained with tears
Thoughts without release.
A builder without wood
Hammer at the ready
Nails without a home
No shelter from the storm.
A painter without a canvas
Paint pooling upon the ground
Splattered patterns
Visions lost in chaos.
A potter without clay
Hands aching to create
Void of expectation
No vessel filled with passion.
A photographer without a lens
Eyeing a world in expectation
Images flashing but never kept
Life passing without record.
A lover without love
Heart beating a vacant rhythm 
Yearning for expression
Desire without form.

The SearchThe Beginning
marked by
a handshake
so woefully safe
but now
I stand
on Trinity's End
The Crossroads
ignis fatui
laid on mist
among those
who are hiding
behind words
The Road
the Naysayer's voice
echoes among leaves
the scream of
a resolute cry
the whisper of
a barren lie
The Arrival
the lady of All
and of One
bares before me
as last steps fall
I hear her silent name
  The PhilosopherUnder caress
of weak firelight
with warm luster
in weary eyes
he pleads
for Erotic favour
upon a lasting theatre
of ink
and dust.
Actors and actresses
bearing names of Enigma
so keen to follow
mellow and lively
steps of the dance
while their lines
are set to inscribe
the letters
of time.
Though he may fade,
Sophia will remember.

SaidI am here,
I could blame it
all on you
but something
inside of me
said, "Yes."
Maybe I didn't
hear it-
but you did.
  Welcome MatThe welcome mat
is a partial truth.
If you knock
I will open the door
but I won't let you in.
I will listen to your words
and love you from my porch,
but my threshold
you will not cross.
Beyond it is my sanctuary
and the residence
of my shame.
Only gentle folk allowed.

WillYou may think
your soul
I assure you,
it is but bruised.
Your rose petals
will bleach red
back to pink;
your veins
will sing red
back to blue.
Your heart
pumps rust
and iron.
That must be
why your will
is so strong.
  LustAdrenaline scrawls the blood
through your veins, stretches graffiti
over parchment bones.
Anticipation clutters your heart
in oil, and anxiety scratches
from yellow to orange
across stumbled ankles.
Ardor gauzes your eyes
from the sun, and agony
contracts your fists to fingernails,
but avarice
seals your lips
to symphony.

Touch Is PoetryToday, you recite Frost.
I've always loved being read to,
But for some reason,
This morning I can scarcely
Absorb your flowing words,
Which instead trickle through my fingers
As their tips register
The vibrations of your voice
At the place where
Your chest and shoulder intersect,
Then trail down your bicep
To the crook of your elbow,
Then turn down the path
Of your forearm,
Then happen, at last,
Upon your precious left hand,
Which brackets the dusty anthology.
I hope you know I touch you
Because I adore you,
Not just because I can't see you.
  Letter to BeethovenPerhaps it was not your aim after all
To describe the moon to a blind person,
But when I hear Piano Sonata No. 14,
I envision
The splendid, yet lonely, moonlit night
When you wept
For the loss of your hearing
And where I now sometimes weep
For the loss of my sight.
It's a shame you grew tired
Of people loving that song so much.
I wish I could have told you
That it was because you managed
To derive beauty from pain.

Beside YouYou're like a vulnerable child...
Lost and frightened in the wild.
I want to kiss away your tears,
And erase all your pains and fears.
I know this world's a scary place...
But, there's nothing we can't face.
As long as we're together,
We'll survive stormy weather.
I believe, love always prevails...
And cures everything that ails.
We won't find a stronger force,
If we stay on love's steady course.
I'll be with you, if you want me.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be...
Than beside you, as life unfolds,
In all the wonder that it holds.
    © Mary Elizabeth Balderrama
  The Thought Of YouWhen failure is all I can see,
And there's no strength left in me...
The thought of you, makes me smile.
Then, I can trudge another mile...
And devise some fresh, new way,
To fight through the darkest day.
You renew the flame in me.
I move forward, undauntedly.
Your love inspires newfound hope...
Gives me the wherewithal to cope.
If I had never found you...
There'd be gray skies instead of blue.
How sad and sour life would be...
Without your precious love for me.
         © Mary Elizabeth Balderrama

running drybroken faucet temporal lobe
with desert lungs
and a tongue that
deserted a dry hydrant long ago,
i look for you in the broken spine
of my forgotten secret holder
and hope one of the loose loops
wrap around the tip of my cold finger
and hold both of us together.
  PropinquityProximity kills all your favorite heroes.

Government News BulletinInflation down lowest level yet,
Dow Jones Index five points up
More people in work,
Crime statistics at all time low,
Youth unemployment down.
Chocolate ration to be increased
Next  month.
  A Lament For Green ManHalf hidden on the walls of many old churches in Britain, peeking from niches, corbels and roof bosses can be found strange faces carved in wood or stone surrounded by or spouting foliage from ears, mouth and nose. These are the faces of the so-called Green Man. There are no references in mediaeval literature to Green Man. We don't know for certain why these images were carved. The original meaning of the Green Man was lost at the end of the Middle Ages.
The Knights Templar Chapel at Rosslyn in Scotland has more than a hundred Green Man carvings and representations. The Knights Templar were a paradox in themselves – fighting monks. They seemed to have had a particular interest in Green Man.  Lincolnshire churches are particularly rich in Green Man images too.
I have tried looking from the edge of a wood to see what feelings might be stimulated but of course it's futile. Looking at history with modern eyes is useless. If we aren't careful we think that the people in the past were j

On Making Art in the New WorldI break sharpie pens
trying to be Pocahantas, 
singing every color of the wind
and smiling
because this is America
and this is New York
and we are the colors
of the human wind. 
  The Legality of Love LettersYour copyright
at first sight -- ghost wrote 
commas under my skin.
Against your own plagiarism.  

The redwood crackles in the fire
Spreading warmth throughout the hall
Seated by the fireplace
Nobody looks out the window
To see the first snows of winter fall
Eyes are riveted to the fireside
Ears to the burning wood within
The wood sends a delightful fragrance out
Always a delight to smell
  The Three Rs of RomanceThe Three Rs of Romance
By Puabi
Red Wine
Red wine means a full blood
A carrier of love from the heart
Of the lover to his/her beloved
A simple sacrifice of faith
To the Mother*
"Oh my mother in Heaven
Please accept this wine
As a symbol of my blood and life
For him who will be my beloved"
Red Lips
Red Lips  mean that the blood
Of the lover is full and strong
And ready to be kissed
By the beloved
Then the lover's eyes sparkle with delight
And the beloved kisses her mouth
"Aw, beloved!"
Red Hearts
Red hearts mean that the heart is filled
With warm, tender and happy love
Sweet, true and lasting love
To give health to the lips
To taste the wine in celebration
Of that love
And to vow her devotion to her beloved
"I love you now and forever"

My Chosen SymphonyGive me the pearls of the rain
music of the Heavens
Drums from on high
give me the song of the wind
Staccato of the fates
Flutes from history
Share with me, the cellos of storms
Refrain of the Gods
Strings from all that is
Let this, then
be my chosen symphony
First movement
Life - lush and whispering
Haunting the spaces between breaths
Second movement
Heart - wishful and lingering
Longing to remain vital and young
Third movement
Mind - universal expansion and delight
Forging worlds for other thoughts to inhabit
From within
So to outside
Let me conduct this
My chosen symphony
Where dreams wake from rest
Where curtains forever recede
  Silent LullabyHush and listen
The stars fold you into bed
Night time skies blanket you
The rain cannot touch you here
The creatures of nightmare hold no sway
Hush and listen
To this, my silent lullaby
The writing against our skin won't scar us
hum along, if it pleases you
I won't judge your pitch and range
Hush and listen
To this, my silent lullaby for you
I know you
As the winds know the treetops
I marvel at you
As does the seal for the shore
I love you
My unsung song, on the lips of gods and devils
Hush, and listen to this
our silent lullaby
No harm here
No currents drag us down here
No cold stars hold sway

The Olympian project: Goddesses (total fr/en)I Hécate
Vêtue d’ombres fines
comment pourrait-elle cacher
longtemps sa clarté
Dressed in shadows sheer
how could she be hiding her
luster for so long
II Artémis
Le sable d’or fin
cherche la bénédiction
de vos pas perdus
The sands of fine gold
seek the benediction of
your absent footsteps
III Hestia
Dame de lumière
les arches bleues de l’éther
sont vides sans vous
Lady of the light
the blue arches of my sky
are void without you
IV Aphrodite
Glissant doucement
la soie sur sa peau dorée
raisins blonds sucrés
Gracefully gliding
this silk on her gilded skin
heavenly white grapes

V Héra

Couronne de neige
bijoux colorés qui sonnent
colère divine
Crowned by noble snow
colorful jewels that chime
thy fury divine
VI Perséphone
Quelques fl
    desirs / desiresdésirs
lâcher prise
pour qu'enfin
le vent du désert
assèche la vague
et pourtant
l'empreinte persiste
letting go
so the desert's breeze
finally can
dry out the wave
and yet
the imprint lingers
-Sophie, 26 octobre 2014

*River Styx*River Styx,  Hades bound
Silent ferryman makes no sound
His boat contains human sorrow.
Departing souls, no tomorrow.
Day and night boat departs
Shades of dead with fearful heart
Should they have a coin to pay
Passage assured, on their way.
You have no coin? journey short
No way boatman will abort
Bound for Hades, time of fear
Trembling souls, hour is near.


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Golden yellow glow

640px-Vincent Willem van Gogh 127 by Delice1941

Drops of sunlight capture eye

Thoughts turn to Van Gogh


All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used "All rights reserved"
Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. Free image.
19 deviations
Vesna Explorer By Jennystokes-d8ebxc1 (2) by Delice1941

Strange kind of beauty
Frozen, cold austerity
North polar ocean
Frigid imposing world
Pristine and implacable.

*Ice Breaker*
Collaboration: Artwork by :iconjennystokes:
                         Tanka written by :icondelice1941:
:icondonotplz::iconmyartplz:  "All rights reserved"

Welcome, welcome come right in
Take a seat we're playing gin
Sharply elegant dealer deals
Mind considers evening meal.

Hunger can wait,  plays to win
Thirst gratified with finest vin
Love of ladies who beguile
Bite is gentle, struggle futile.

Gentleman in wreath of smoke
Telling some outrageous joke
Captured his garnet gaze
Doom sealed, no more days.
Clock strikes twelve, midnight hour
Pulsating heart, feeling power
His court has now another jewel
Mayhem and chaos, lord of misrule.


*The Dealer*
All my work on DeviantArt belongs to me. These poems are protected and may not be used "All rights reserved"
Information: "gin" refers to gin-rummy, card game.


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:iconthankyou1::iconthankyou2: for all the favourites. Not forgetting the gift of llamas they are most welcome:iconpoppy2plz:


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