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Mon Mar 31, 2014, 3:07 AM
This journal will be published every two months during the summer season. Next issue June/July                              

                          Centipede on Glass Heart. by joshpurple-Gassy

              :iconblueflowerplz::iconblueflowerplz:Spring Time:iconblueflowerplz::iconblueflowerplz:

Prunus cerasifera red by KmyGraphic   Spring Breeze by KmyGraphic

          Spring Breeze by KmyGraphic   Spring Breeze by KmyGraphic

:iconwhiteflowerplz::iconcandleplz:Beloved Peaches:iconcandleplz::iconwhiteflowerplz:

                    BUTTERFLY PEACHES by NocturneJewel

:iconblueflowerplz::iconblueflowerplz:Wonderful World of Art-Part one:iconblueflowerplz::iconblueflowerplz:

First Snowflakes by Digithalie   Apo291013 by Digithalie

Apo14fev14 by Digithalie   Summer Flowers by Digithalie

                   Metal Flower by Digithalie

Remembering Galileo
15th February1564
8th January1641

Quote: The sun with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.

:iconwhiteflowerplz::iconwhiteflowerplz:Wonderful World of Art-Part two:iconwhiteflowerplz::iconwhiteflowerplz:

Soulis: Impression, Sunset I by soulis0   Soulis: Four Seagulls in the Gulf Sunset by soulis0

          Soulis: Boat and Pelicans in the Sunset by soulis0   Soulis: Sun Rays in the Sunset by soulis0

Soulis: Impression, Tarpon Springs, Florida by soulis0   Soulis: Sailboat in the Sunset III by soulis0

Remembering John Ruskin
8th February1819
20th January1900

Quote:  It is written in the arched sky; it looks out from every star. It is the poetry of nature; it is that which uplifts the spirit within us.

:iconblueflowerplz::iconblueflowerplz:Wonderful world of art-Part three:iconblueflowerplz::iconblueflowerplz:

Unicorn by SeventhFairy   Ophelia by SeventhFairy

          The Wanderer by SweediesArt Ravens' Grief by SweediesArt

Loss by megan7   Paper Boat by megan7

          S p a w N by J-u-d-a-s   The butterfly collector by J-u-d-a-s

.his dream was my domain. by naikki   .labyrinth lost. by naikki

      :iconwhiteflowerplz:Heavenly Moment:iconwhiteflowerplz:

             Putti nawaks by La-Tete-Ailleurs

     :iconblueflowerplz:The Artisan's Workshop:iconblueflowerplz:

                 Celtic Owl Runebox Lid Pyrograph (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz

Runes Box side by aldwarke   Runes Box top by aldwarke

Inside the finished Runes Box by aldwarke   Runes Box rear by aldwarke

                        The Hunt Dream Sequence by aldwarke

Balbriggan Harbour Wood Burning Pyrograph by snazzie-designz   Forest Scene Pyrograph (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz

         Celtic Cross Pyrography (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz Mucha Pyrograph (Woodburning) - Coloured In by snazzie-designz Treebeard Pyrograph by snazzie-designz

             :iconwhiteflowerplz:Poetry for Spring:iconwhiteflowerplz:

Day 24If I keep fighting,
I'll make it to the summit
And see the sunrise.
  Day 18I sip the elixir;
It soothes the knot in my throat.
Balmy, calming tea.

          i found your lips on the ground
i found your lips on the ground
i put them to my cheek
cradled them lovingly
they spoke to me promises
in feather-light caresses
i give them back to
the crisp green grass
with tears
i don't pretend
to want just part of you
  Secrets Are Divinesecrets are divine
spring whispers into my ear
peeps heard, hollowed tree

Immortal EmberOh luminous star that bathes at sea
Such a blaze of light... faint clarity
Thy flame does ember, thus remember
In light of darkness, I burn with thee
  Light of loveIf you're the daylight, I must wake.
If you're a starlight, a wish I'll make.
If cast in moonlight, then I will wait-
until the night's light turns to day.

          October Demons by ArthurCrow   Odyssey of LoveWhere a Tale of fate glimmered dim
For the Twilight veil spread softly ..
Her gaze cast in starry lustre gleaming
A temptress poised in the Night,
Or moon-enamour'd Lover dreaming
My lust awash in a howl of wolves;
To her kiss I fled across sultry-skies
Where, unto thy lips I hath perish'd
And oft, in pray'r would I pursue thee,
Impaled by day's vermillion light
I wandered across a thousand years,
Disassembled in Love’s odyssey
O’ how the Moon whisper’d rapture —
Across silv'ry peaks pale and fleeting
And I stood famished in her dew,
Till her scent soaked into my skin
And fiercely did her tongue beseech!
Like flam'd-Ravens hunting the wind
Stars fell in the plumes of her song
O’er a golden sea she kiss’d the ashes
And her lips undressed with fervour;
Ablaze in the fields of my naked soul
— Arthur Crow © 2014

LoveCaramel kisses drizzle
from your lips, and I
still to a pulsebeat.
  ResidueShe wilts in the wind,
but laughter still sounds from a
leftover shadow.

          Surreality 2
wishing wells and pumpkin shells
coffee with mint cream
wedding bells and magic spells
life is but a dream
mother says it's rain today
drought's been sixteen years
pigs will fly and cats will stray
seventeen brings tears
hooting owls and leopard prowls
burn the midnight sun
men with jowls eat fattened cows
never had such fun
father says it's time to go
new year's 'round the bend
can't be late for nature's show
fish-face now the trend
dreamer's dream and lover's love
wishing time would fly
blue moonbeam on heaven's dove
hope I never die
  March Haiku
the tease of springtime
                      the lamb becomes the lion
                                                  wintertime hangs on

Love Remains   Little Treasures
Paper ships in puddles
drifting on their way
a child's wish stored aboard
to come ashore one day

          No Longer WeYou loved me then
I heard you say,
"I promise you."
You promised me
and I promised
we are both alone.
Why did we go?
    Lilac IITrod flowers.
Sweet death airborne.

Six-mille lunes (pour Anne de Bretagne)
Six-mille lunes closes
Les dais noirs sans les roses
Le chant creux du déni
Au fond de Saint-Denis.
Sous la picteuse voûte
Voici Bretaigne, escoute ;
Blême est ton serviteur
Dolant au fond du cueur.
Quittant sa cothe d’armes
Sous les cris et les larmes
Il brise son bâton
En invoquant ton nom.
Ils ont ouvert la pierre
Et mis ton corps en terre
Comme on porte un fardeau
Bretaigne parle haut :
« La très créstienne royne et duchesse, nostre souveraine dame et maistresse, est morte ;
 La royne est morte ;
La royne est morte. »

Frantz, 16 février 2014 // Bretaigne, 16 février 1514

  Fu Manchu by InayatShah

          Her SmileHer Smile
When there are stressful times,
Hardships in my life,
Or tears in my eyes,
All I need to get me right,
Is the smiling face of my future wife.
Clouds are our purest coping mechanism.

Love HaikuLove Haiku
Dictated by Puabi
Two streams merge on pillow
Joyful tears run along our cheeks
Two souls unite as one
   la lumiere des cometes../the light of comets..(scroll down for English)
la lumière des comètes ou le barbarisme de l’espoir
découvrir entre trois pensées
une photo, des rires, les pierres et la pluie
un bouquet de fleurs fanées
en travers les feuilles jaunies
d’un cahier
the light of comets or the barbarism of hope
discovering between forget-me-not- thoughts
a photograph, laughter, stones and the rain
a bouquet of wilted flowers
across the yellowed leaves
of a notebook
- Sophie, 4 janvier/12 mars 2014

          Saved!Ocean mist defusing light, lost souls swim for shore.
2012 Delice1941
22nd June2012
  SolaceIn the church, in quiet contemplation,
lost amidst the funeral throng.
Standing in crowded isolation,
I can't believe you're gone.
No rapture waiting, at heavens gate.
These broken ideas do not inspire.
I wish I could believe it was our fate,
to listen to an angel's choir.
Sadly, only in my mind,
will monuments be built.
No tributes left, to remind.
Nothing to save me from this guilt.
Walking the streets where we used to play.
Happy memories everywhere I go.
Comfort can be found today.
Finally, I let my tears flow.
Solace can be found, I must believe.
A gentle thought to set me free.
That while I yet breathe,
you are still alive, in me.

                             *Midnight Cantor* by Delice1941

Many thanks to all the artists whose work is featured in this journal, their efforts are greatly appreciated and enjoyed.
Reminder: All contents are copyright protected and may not be used Copyright-2014


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:iconamongststars::iconamongststars:Wonderful Gifts of Art from DA Friends::iconamongststars::iconamongststars:
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:iconthankyou1::iconthankyou2: for all the favourites. Not forgetting the gift of llamas they are most welcome:iconpoppy2plz:


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