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Tue Jul 29, 2014, 10:36 PM
Illuminating Summer Features

The Flying Dutchman by La-Tete-Ailleurs


Wonderful World of Art
Part one

Parrots by Oksana007   Squirrel On An Oak Tree by Oksana007

Rabbits by Oksana007   Koalas by Oksana007

Squirrel - soft pastel by Oksana007   Totoro meets his new neighbor the Long Eared Owl by Oksana007

The Art of Design

Water Spirit by Snazzie Designz by snazzie-designz   Water Dragon by snazzie-designz

Celtic Unicorns Pyrograph (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz   Dragon on a Rock by snazzie-designz

Congratulations Harry and Snazzie

Local Recognition by aldwarke

Flower For You by KmyGraphic

Dragonfly moments

PathWays In The Sky by InayatShah   Wings Down by InayatShah

Colours Of candy by InayatShah   strike helicopter by InayatShah

dragon flight I by InayatShah   gold finger by InayatShah

Welcome to the World

Summer Floral Delight

Roses-and-Butterfly by KmyGraphic

087 by Placi1   Sde12 by Placi1

083 by Placi1   081 2 by Placi1

White Tulips by KmyGraphic

017 by Placi1   022 by Placi1

Untitled by Placi1   Dscf5113 2 by Placi1

Pink Flowers by KmyGraphic

Remembering Oscar Wilde 
Born 16th October 1854
Died November 30th 1900

Quote:No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

Wonderful World of Art
Part Two

The fly. by jennystokes   What remains. by jennystokes

Who taught him to dance like that? by jennystokes   In the deep by jennystokes

Distilling life. by jennystokes   Metallic flower. by jennystokes

Check Mate?
Pat ? by La-Tete-Ailleurs

Roula's Flowers by KmyGraphic

Wonderful World of Art
Part Three

Joan by megan7   Pain by megan7

Breezes of Blues for Ravens by SweediesArt   Trapped by SweediesArt

The Mangani by DriPoint   Smilla's sense of Snow by DriPoint

Green Harmony by frenchfox   Steel Storm by frenchfox

.: H a r l e Y :. by J-u-d-a-s   Sprite by J-u-d-a-s

Magic boat by SabakuNoShi   Dry water by SabakuNoShi

.achelois. by naikki   .fling the emptiness. by naikki

Party Crasher by astrangeallure   Source and Sustenance by astrangeallure

Remembering Albert Einstein
Born: March 14, 1879
Died: April 18, 1955

Quote: The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Red Roses by KmyGraphic

The Joy of Poetry.

THE CROWOver the labyrinthine pitch of my soul he sits,
a crow with feathers fashioned from the splinters
of Darkness and eyes that stare into the abyss
of Forever, parting the mists of my Dreams
so he can make his secret sojourn-he comes to me
as I lay in bed-asleep and oblivious to the decay
of my life with each passing deadweight day,
Nyx' inkwell overturns and shadows creep over me,
an eerie cast of Moon plays over my body's
slumberous nude, and the crow looks on...
at my lonely vulnerability before him and the
Darkness scratching her fingernails against my window.
I can feel him near, this Sentinel of Sleep,
imbibing the tears of blood that trickle free
after he plucks out my eyes-I can see more
clearly without them anyway-I know he will
never let the Darkness rust and ruin around me,
I can feel him rake my flesh with his talons
until I ache with what I fear to deny any longer,
he chants an incantation to keep my purity from
being perverted into anything but a beautiful decay,
inwardly I
  UNDER A SICKLE MOON...Upon the dusky preserves of me does Autumn settle,
as quiet as the petals shedding their fuscia for
a sip of burgundy, as abundant as the leaves that
line the pockets of October with bronze and copper
coins, Autumn's whispers stumble into my soul,
raising the goosebumps of my perception so I may
perceive her season's subtlety and drink in the
cider of her love, a harvest for the senses
my mind gathers together a gentle furrow of words,
smooth and cool, her fingers untie cadences of
sugar and spice to drift through my chestnut hair,
imprinting me with her signature atmosphere
a sigh escapes my lips, ah I have never known
such comfort as that I succumb to in this one
perfect moment overbrimming my soul, a stray beam
of crescent light leaves a kiss of nostalgia upon
my lips, at last I can taste her-cinnamon tea and
bittersweet chocolate-I remember my daydreams that
once gleamed like sunlit campfires
send them crackling into the deepening Twilight,
I will not regret their d

Would you love me if...Would you love me if I told you 'bout my past and wayward ways?
Will you love me when the past returns and haunts my nights and days?
Would you love me if I then confessed about the way I snore?
Will you love me still or will you then show this boy to the door?
Would you love me if you learned about the girl whose heart I crushed?
Will you love me even though I'm shy and sometimes even blush?
Would you love me once its been made known I quit school in ninth grade?
Will you love me knowing that my life 'til now's been a charade?
Would you love me even though my family name is barely known?
Will you love me when I'm old and gray or will I be alone?
Would you love me if you knew I once lived 'neath the Brooklyn bridge?
Will you love me if it seems I live my life close to the edge?
Would you love me if I got down on my knees and held your hand?
Will you love me if I give to you this shiny wedding band?
Would you love me if I worshiped you and gave you gifts of gold?
Will you love me and ma
  Dancing on the Moon
i asked you once if you'd like to dance
you were seventeen with braces and gangly limbs
me a year older with a zit on my nose the size of everest
you took my hand that night and we danced to stairway to heaven
i stepped on your toes about two-thirds through, but you never let on
and we danced...
our wedding day was surreal
the band was lousy, the cake was dry
your mother kept giving me that smirk
it's the same one i got the first time i met your parents
but when i took your hand for the first dance all i could see was you
and we danced...
we tried for years to have children
dreams fade when the universe seems to be against you
we celebrated our twenty-fifth on a luxury cruise
we partied like it was nineteen ninety-nine
the band played our favorite song
and we danced...
old and gray and you've gone away
the wind still whispers your name
i avoid the places we used to go, it's too much
loneliness is the greatest curse of all, death on two legs
but at night i gaze at the moon and i swea

Haiku: Revealing ThiraCool clouds, sunset hue
Peeking from velvet spring skies.
Admire our caress.
Warm sands, salty air
Telling secrets to the wind
Santorini night.
Gentle moonlit kiss
Stolen between lover's tides
And silent whispers.
Midnight sails through time
Stars align, on ancient seas
In constellations.
Her temple rises
Forming the curve of mountains
Where the gods reside.
Ocean's lone daughter
Reborn in the Sun's embrace
Where sky meets skyline.
against my skin
a merciless promise:
unyielding; such frost biting pride -
harsh wind

Flying SoloFlying Solo
The bird that flies solo
Flies faster than one in a flock
Alone his mind is on his goal
So I avoid the crowds
I get there faster than others
I fly by mind
  On Duty and MeritOn Duty and Merit
They talk of merit
I speak of duty
They are no different, no better than the rest
Their minds still crave booty
The mind that lies still is best
I do my duty sincerely
I look to see that I have pleased
A job well done always earns good release
And I will always pass the tests
But what they jabber I must bear it
For some will act very snooty
My mind lies calm and I relax at home
To enjoy the true fruits of merit alone

i hold my own wrist,
as if it's broken,
'cause there are no hands,
available left to hold it.
to rest in the base
of your touch cannot happen.
it's much too tough to ask.
so i sit staring
into a blank field,
eyelids empty, 
body in reverie,
mind in ennui,
sick of you and i.
i love you
but hate i fell too
deep into the pool,
of what I thought was true.
5 feet, 5 inches,
brown locks,
spectacled eyes
once folded 
around my 5'7'' frame,
now left a shell.
my arms hold me,
as i clutch my abdomen,
and rest against the floor.
i lie there,
knowing the pain 
will finally stop
but aware,
that it's just beginning.
because the hardest
part about this,
is loving a ghost
that isn't dead in body,
but in your mind,
and you can't kill her,
no matter how much
you wanna take the gun
and pull the trigger.
so i let pellucid phantoms
perplex the crevices
of my intricate labyrinth.
and i let the apparition
fly around inside,
before it fades and dissipates,
just like the b
  Silver ChameleonSilver Chameleon
blame it on ink stained love letters,
where lies are the truth
and your eyes are wide shut
because real eyes realize real lies.
hesitation in loops and dots,
nestled in a sea of ripples and rocks
the tide is coming in faster and faster.
and you are constrained to the wave.
hurled about in tumultuous tides
with no choice but to cling to the mast
but no matter how long you hold on for dear life,
you're simply a deer that was seized in headlights.
an enchanting treacherous lecherous lover
with a silver coated tongue
you try to hide in your walls that are colored white.
but you are far from a chameleon.
a spider can weave their web,
but only the unsuspecting will fall

Tiede est la nuit by Octocolombus   Remanences. by Octocolombus

Next issue of Journal October/November

Many thanks to all the artists whose work is featured in this journal, their efforts are greatly appreciated and enjoyed.
Reminder: All contents are copyright protected and may not be used"All rights reserved"


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